Alberto Contador Cycle Touring VII

TSB Sport & Events created again a fantastic sportive event on April 30th. This wonderful experience called Marcha cicloturista Alberto Contador is an official sportive event which takes place every single year since 2010 can gather proffesional athletes and bike lovers. Everyone wanted to enjoy a huge cycling race between lovely landscapes in Spain, so this year the race was celebrated in Oliva (Valencia) with more than a thousand participants. The race was celebrated in beautiful places like Alcalalí, Denia and Pego. The last one was one of the hardest because Pego has more than 20 kilometres going up with the bike.

Once again, Alberto Contador has taken part in the official race helping and supporting people, and also training before his participation in Critérium Dauphiné. The race was also adapted for children and was called Marcha Junior.

It was more than a competition, because in this experience there were different things like an exposition called ‘Sobre ruedas’, related with cycling and training courses for people the day before the race. Oliva Nova Resort has a very important participation because they collaborated with an amazing proyect called ‘Bicis para la vida’, related with philantrophy.

Including this sportive event, TSB Sport & Events keeps doing a lot of sportive and cultural activities in different places of Spain. Everybody who enjoys sports is the most important thing for this kind of events, because participants are the priority.