The concept of the tournament is going to be something different. In this edition what is wanted is that all players stay together in the residential “Las Dunas” in the same complex of Oliva Nova (very close to the fields and 150m from the beach) so that they can spend a weekend of total rugby environment.

Breakfast and dinner for the players and technicians, will be offered in the residential “Las Dunas”. However, the food of the players and coaches will be at the foot of the field so that they do not have to move and thus facilitate their comfort.

During the tournament, in the fields, activities will be offered for both players and companions. The companions will have a catering service at your disposal a few meters from where the parties will be played.

In addition, once the day is over, players will go to the apartments where, in addition to the beach and pools, they will be waiting for other activities so that they can spend a weekend that they will hardly forget.